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To get Latinos in the technology field together in order to support and develop one another.​

The LIT Team


Ben Juarez


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After formally training as a public policy analyst (masters degree) Ben decided he also wanted to learn programming. So, he self taught on the side, as he worked full time in politics and policy.


Eventually Ben started teaching middle and high school students how to code. Then, switched to a career in teaching programming with i.c. stars Milwaukee.


After 2 years of training and mentoring the amazing interns of i.c. stars, he arrived at a Fortune 500 company’s innovation team, where his learning was taken to the next level.


Despite the great people he worked with, he decided that his true passion was to innovate on his own, with his own team, so he decided to focus on his startup, Like|Minded, and Latinos In Tech full time...and maybe a video game or two on the side.


Carlos Vasquez


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Working 2 years in manual labor after high school Carlos decided to teach himself how to code, after couple failed attempts to get in Milwaukee's technology industry he got accepted as an intern in i.c. stars Milwaukee.

After completing his internship, Carlos went on to work for Red Arrow Labs and then Dohmen. During that time on his free time he built hablacode.org a free Spanish web development resource for those interested in learning web development but who are not able to due to the English barrier.

Now he works as a Full Stack Engineer at Northwestern Mutual, while also building Latinos In Tech with Ben Juarez.




Mental Health Day with CORE El Centro

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This event is not so much about networking as much as it is taking care of oneself. There will be little interaction and lots of great wellness services.


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